MSBTE Sample Papers

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Semester Papers have been updated!

Note: G-Scheme Papers are finally available in the links below along with E-Scheme Papers!

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37 thoughts on “MSBTE Sample Papers

    1. paawan Post author

      Hey Sachin!
      We have already posted the Previous Year Question Papers of Electrical Engineering (EE) of 5th Semester on:-

      Here is the content of that page related to your query:-
      Electrical Engineering:-
      12143 – Switchgear Protection.pdf
      12144 – A. C. Machines.pdf
      12145 – Utilisation of Electrical Energy.pdf
      12146 – Electric Traction-I.pdf
      12147 – Computer Hardware Maintenance.pdf
      12148 – Illumination Engineering.pdf
      12149 – Industrial Automation.pdf
      12150 – Energy Conservation and Audit.pdf

    1. paawan Post author

      Hey Ajinkya!
      Thanks a lot for your feedback, satisfied students like you who tell us their experience through comments, give us happiness and keep us motivated in developing! Can you please elaborate and tell us more as to which branch you belong and which paper was it?

  1. Sohum-Bilawal

    I really appreciate you compiling these sample question papers in this easy-to-read format as it is close to impossible to find them in an organized manner elsewhere. But as I can see, all the question papers you have uploaded are for E-scheme. I would really appreciate if you could reply to my message with the link(s) to Sample Question Papers for the 1st semester of EJ (G-Scheme).

    Thanks once again,

    1. paawan Post author

      Hey Sohum!
      Thanks for appreciating our work, it really keeps us motivated to work for you all!
      It won’t be possible to update the site with G-Scheme papers any time soon as MSBTE has removed it from their site and we ourselves are looking for them.
      If anyone has G Scheme Sample papers please contact us on, so we can help all our FY friends!

  2. megha jagdale

    hey, thz site really works a lot. thanks 4 providing us d question paper………but i think it wud b more better if v cud add all the previous year question paper since E-scheme hv started…. nd tips r awesome.!!!!!!!

  3. Ananta Fatale

    plz give me a sample papers of Basic Chemistry Sub Code 12753 1nd year diploma Ele Engg. (part Time)
    sample papers of Fundamental of Ele.Sub Code 12762 2nd year diploma Ele Engg. (part Time)

  4. soni

    pls tell me about cleard m3 i have last chance to cleare it its urgent ant tell how to study of differential equations can i pass when i am solve all privios qp of back 5sem

    1. viki

      Hi Soni
      Well M3 has always been an engineers nightmare. And the best way to clear it is regular Practice. Solve as many sample papers as you can is our tip to you. Best Of Luck.

    2. paawan Post author

      Hello Soni,
      I can understand your problem, I am a diploma pass out, and just like you, even I cleared my M3 of 3rd Semester in 6th Semester, that was my last i.e. 4th attempt!
      I failed because I could never understand differential equations and integration! So I chose to not study them at all this time, and hence I only focused on the remaining chapter and solved their question from 6 previous year question papers!
      And the final result was, that most of the questions in the paper that I attempted (Summer 2012) were solved by me earlier at home as most of the questions are repeated from previous year question papers!
      And M3 is a very lengthy paper even if you skip Integration and Differential Equations, so I used to sit alone in a room, take a previous year paper, and solve all the questions from it, and I used to use a watch to time myself to see that I finish it in less than 3 hours and then I checked my solved papers and awarded myself marks and that’s how I was able to find all my silly mistakes!
      That’s why, when I finally attempted the S12 paper, I attempted 58 marks out of 100 and when the results came out, I scored a perfect 58 out of the attempted 58!:-)
      I am pretty sure even you’ll be able to score 58 marks or more if you just solve 3-4 previous year question papers, clearing M3 the way I did it (by avoiding Integration completely) is pretty easy!
      Trust me, you’ll pass easily and do share here your experience and do come back here and post your result, which I already know will be fantastic!:-)

  5. sagar

    Plase give me sample paper of medical laboratory technology (ML) 5th sem…
    1 serology
    2 medical virology& mycolgy
    3 histopathology
    4 haematilogy
    5 clinical biochemisty

  6. sushant

    There is no AUTOMOBILE Faculty…..All students of Automobile are upset… pls add automobile faculty and Question papers…. as well as possible …..

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